Passing On Tales of Our Earth

When you look up at the night sky, imagine earth floating in space.
Right now, we are standing on this planet in space called “Earth”.
On its body, the earth supports countless life-forms while,
as if with a pulse of its own, it spins round and slowly moves through space.

As the earth moves, change naturally takes place. Day turns into night,
seasons change, as does the weather.

All living creatures on this earth, follow in this pattern,
and find a balance suitable to life.

With each new life, a link is forged with the next generation,
and one species gives life to a new and different one.
All creatures live out a story from birth to death. Rain, wind, sand,
all of the things on earth have their own stories, which reverberate together.

A single raindrop falls on the forest and joins the river, flows out to sea,
evaporates and becomes part of a cloud, and again falls to earth as a raindrop.
This is just one simple story. The water vapor could have been swept away in a strong
wind and smashed into a mountain. On a cold day, it could have frozen
and turned into snow, only to be swept out to sea as a piece of ice.
As the weather changes day by day, there is never an end to
“The Adventures of a Raindrop”.

We take for example “The Tale of the Mother Lion”.
A lioness falls in love with a lion in his strikingly handsome mane,
eventually they bear a child, and to nourish him they hunt animals and,
in doing so, take away lives. Though this is a daily occurrence on the Savannas
of Africa, the truth is that in the 4.5 billion years of earth’s history no two lions were ever
the same and the lives of the hunted are always different too.

If we take a step back, we can imagine another example like the lifespan of one shirt.
We know a plant is raised to grow the fiber for material,
then it is spun into fabric by a person, yet another person designs the shirt
and someone has to make it before the shirt is finally complete.
There is a person who sells the shirt, a person who buys it,
a person who wears it, and a lover to run their fingers along its fibers.
One shirt has this many stories embedded within it.
Each meeting is purely by chance, a one-time opportunity
where lives are intertwined in these little “Miracle Stories”.

If you think like this, doesn’t it seem that all things around us are precious?
There is a limit to all life, things break, and colors also change.
Nothing lasts forever.

But we believe that the stories within these things can live on forever, as long as there is
someone to tell the stories…

It is said that wise Aboriginal people think of the children 7 generations down the line
when they make decisions.
If you count 7 generations from your grandmother’s, that would mean her thinking of
your grandchildren’s grandchildren.
So this concept of 7 generations seems fathomable, right?
If we can at least relay our stories to the children of 7 generations to come,
perhaps they will pass them on for the next 7. Like a ribbon,
these stories can tie together the past and future, and hopefully provide a bright spot for
the people of the future. So that we can continue to tell these wonderful stories,
we will have to take care of our earth more and more.

As “The library that relays the stories that dwell in every part of our earth to
the children of the future” we begin our mission with this concept in mind.

We hope to bind together all of the precious lives and their stories,
which we have encountered on our journeys throughout the world,
and share them with you.
We would be truly flattered to be able to show many people this footage
and to have these stories passed on to others.