Won’t you join us in delivering stories to the children of the future?

At Kisana Lines,
we are working to preserve the precious stories
that are interwoven into our Earth for the children of future generations.

Since the beginning, Earth has not ceased to continuously change.
In turn, the living creatures here have changed along with their environment giving way to the “Circle of Life”.
Through the course of history, mankind has changed the environment for its own convenience
and is inevitably facing the consequences.
Now, the earth and it’s environment are calling for more care and attention.
These are the stories that we, at Kisana Lines,
will capture on film and tell to future generations
along with the important message “Take care of all creatures and nature on Earth”.
Every person plays a major role in the various Earth stories.
Won’t you join us in our mission to deliver these stories to the children of the future?

Please Support Us

Kisana Lines is an independently operating organization of volunteers. The generous support of those of you who agree with our mission is a big part of what allows us to keep going. We will use your donations for production costs and return your investment with the videos that we are able to produce.

Supporting members will be invited to periodic previews, as well as having access to our members only page (accessible through the whale logo on the upper right of our home page) where you can view bonus footage, travel essays by the director, and photo libraries compiled by our cameramen.
*Content on the members only page will not be stored in an archive and will be updated on a regular basis.
We are also preparing to create a feature with a compilation of letters you have written to the children of future generations.

We will provide more information periodically through our blog and facebook.

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