Ryosuke Watanabe
Lives in Osaka, Digital Video Engineer enchanted by being underwater
Masahiro Sawai
Lives in Osaka, Cameraman who shoots small things, slow things, everything, evenly
Kayo Matsuura
Lives in Tokyo, Salesperson for an analog style antique shop
Naohiko Miki
Lives in Osaka, Music advisor who is proud that his song selection will reach the future
Hidenori Ishibashi
Lives In Kobe, Markup Engineer who loves photography dark room
Cameron Bennet
Lives in Auckland, Filming coordinator with a passion for nature and philosophy
Megumi Kimura
Lives in Tokyo, Barefoot music creator who loves beer
Sachiko Kawabe
Lives in Osaka, Relaxed editor who loves greenery and sweets
Takeo Ogasawara
Lives in Kobe, Web Engineer&Musician&Chef who loves cycling and skiing
Tetsuya Yokogaki
Lives in Osaka, Cameraman who likes to stand in the middle of things
Shinobu Sasamoto
Lives in Mexico, Filming coordinator who never stops talking about food and art
Gwin Yoshioka
Lives in Osaka, Graphic Designer with a taste for strange things and people
Tomoko Kiriyama
Lives in Osaka, Director who loves Mother Earth
Kae Tajiri
Lives in Tokyo, Traveling student
Tai Dirkse
Lives in Tokyo, Photographic Story Teller
Yukiko Yamazaki
Lives in Tokyo, Diving instructor who connects the ocean and a person
Tomohiro Uemura
Lives in Canada, Photographer who loves Doll sheep and Far North
Elly Nagaoka
Lives in Rome, Artist and occasional media coordinator
Min Young Kim
Lives in Korea, Extraordinarily helpful filming coordinator
Tomoko Amano
Lives in NZ, Surf instructor who plays with dolphins and seals
Jason Hood family
Live in Sydney, Filming coordinator family
Maisie McPherson
Lives in Osaka, Translator who adores bikes, nature, and rooftops
Go Hayakata
Lives in Osaka, Underwater cameraman who also farms
Shin Suzuki
Lives in Alaska, Banker who dreams of catching Alaskan fish
Yukihiro&Kazue Kikushima
Live in Rebun, 3 star hotel owners who will relieve your hunger with world-class sea urchin