“Chapters of the Ocean”

In the Ocean, we can find forests, mountains, flower gardens, and houses of living creatures. We can also find the seasons. 「Chapters of the Ocean」describes the chapters of the colorful fish and coral, and the chapters of the patterns made by the landscape in the sea, just like the chapters of patterns made in the sky. We set our hearts beside all these beautiful patterns created by the weather and other conditions of nature, under the wish to hand them over to the future generation as beautiful as they are today.

“Whale Dreaming”

Cast: Humpback Whales

Being residents of this planet from long ago, living in a totally different timeline from that of the above ground, the timeline of the underwater universe, what are the whales feeling now? This film story is an interwoven series of footage of the underwater world whales, followed by the KISANA LINES camera crew for many years, and the above ground miraculous encounters from journeys of all over the world.